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About Us

We are specializing in selling different types of teddy bears  and other adorable range of soft toys. We have always the joy of receiving teddy bears as gifts may it special occasions as gift during farewell, birthdays, graduation or even get well soon. Especially when the missing-someone during long distance apart periods, these teddy bears could never once failed to provide a comfort companion.

With its soft and cuddly humanlike features, it can almost fill up the void feelings with a touch of fulfillment and love.

With this in mind, we have wanted to share with others by selling affordable below market and good quality adorable teddy bears for all to enjoy. Its the best gift for any occasion, and for all may it children, young adults and also serve as an decorative item

 in the bedroom or living room. 

We will continue to improve our collections of teddy bears. So check our website from time to time

to see the new addition of our teddy bears. Cheers!


History Of The Birth of Teddy Bear

The name Teddy Bear comes from former United States President Theodore Roosevelt, whose nickname was `Teddy'.


The name originated from an incident on the bear hunting trip in Mississippi in November 1902, to which Roosevelt was invited to join. Roosevelt's attendants conered, clubbed and tied a American Black bear at the willow tree and requested Roosevelt to shoot it. Seeing the injured bear in agony, Roosevelt agreed that this bear to be put down, but he refused to shoot it himself. Teddy Bear stuffed toy was created after this incident, and it was a hit among women and children. As time evolved these teddies were created to a much cuter version and that is how the version of Shy Teddy Bears, Care Teddy Bears, Paddington Teddy Bears, Byolds Teddy Bears, Gund Teddy Bears and many more versions were created. Please enjoy our collection of teddy bears from our online shop. Should you find any cuties that you would like to bring back, you will be able to purchase from us at a very minimal price. We will keep updating and expand our collections. Enjoy yourself!






1. All our teddy bear is sold at lower side of market selling price. We try to keep 

    it low so that anyone can afford to own one to enjoy these cuties.


2. Some teddy bear with zippers are for hygine purpose. These PP cottons can be

    replaced when it is worn  out, can be taken out during washing and can 

    be filled if you wanted a more fuller teddy bear.


3.  All size of teddy bear is following the spec given from our supplier.


4.   All fillers of our teddy bear is of PP Cotton which is lighter and more hygene

      purpose and less dusty.


5.   For delivery within Peninsular Malaysia, postage are charged at RM5 

      per delivery address. 

     However, for purchases above RM80, delivery charges will 

     be free (effective Sept 2013). 

      Delivery lead time is 1-3 days, depending on our courier service.

      For outskirt and remote area, we no longer service.

      For Sabah/Sarawak,  we no longer service as well.


6.   Teddy bear for delivery is packed in boxes as not to spoil the original shape 

      of the teddy bear. 

      However, it can easily be reshaped by hand.


7.   All of our teddy bear will be thoroughly inspected before delivery, however if

      there  is any defect to the items that you purchase, please inform us on

      the day that you receive. We will arrange for a refund or exchange back

      a similar soft toy.

8.   After payment made and confirmed we will arrange for delivery the very

      next working day.




1.   We offer one of the lowest price among 
      other online shops.

2.   We are a registered Company. So, you can
      be rest assured that
      you will not be cheated of your money.

3.   All our Teddiesland & Sleepy version are
      kept in its skin only. We will put in the
      cotton after payment made. Therefore, rest
      assured your teddy will be sufficiently
      stuffed with pp cotton.

4.   All teddies are sealed in plastic bag and
      placed in box before delivery to make 
      sure the teddy will not be spoilt by 
      moisture and able to preserve its 
      original shape.

6.   And for those who need gift tag, we will
      provide free of charge.


About Us

Selling Teddy Bears & Other Soft Toys

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For more info please email to teddiesland@gmail.com or you can call us anytime at 0129010817

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